Welcome to the NEW website of Rotary Club Santarém!

On the date of this website’s online release, September 20, 2018, the Rotary Club Santarém has completed 55 years of activities! It is a very important milestone in the History of RCS, which we also wanted to point out with the creation of these pages and that intends to fulfill our objectives of Digitization and Internationalization, as stated in the Program and Strategy we approved for 2018-2019.

We will continue to promote the ideal of Rotary through innovative actions, internationalize the club’s activity, in particular with a partnership with the Rotary Club Madrid Castilla in a global project for autism awareness in women. We will also follow up on the activities that already belong to the Club’s annual agenda, such as the homage to community professionals and the awarding of school prizes to the best students in the County.

This year, the club’s strategy is based on three pillars – “RCS” – meaning Rotary Club Santarém, but this year will also mean “R” for Renovation, “C” for Counting-up and “S” for Sustainability.

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“R” for Renovation

  • Promote and reinvent collaboration / networking among Professionals
  • Stimulate friendship and conviviality in new ways (fortnightly dinners)
  • Opening of the Club to the diversity of people, themes and projects

“C” for Counting-up

  • Promote effective membership increase
  • Opening to the digital world (website launch)
  • Promote the inclusion of partners and non-members in the activities of the Club

“S” for Sustainability

  • Maintain the RCS Service Tradition to the community: School Awards, Professional Awards, Thematic Meetings, etc.
  • Protection and expansion of its Heritage (extension of the headquarters to the “Casa da Amizade” and Rotaract)
  • Promote Rotary Communication and Cooperation (National Rotary Meetings)


It is essential to fill our hearts with the spirit of serving by Building, Collaborating and Learning always! All members of the Club are essential with their work and friendship to carry out the projects and goals that we have set out to achieve. We have ambition.

The RCS wants to become also a place of socializing and openness with society, where all members of the club are encouraged to bring guests to the biweekly dinner meetings (1st and 3rd week of each month). At these meetings we promote the networking, get-together and sharing of experiences from the guests that will offer us their interventions.

I would take this opportunity to mention the message of our Rotary International President, Barry Rassin:

“The world needs Rotary, and Rotary needs strong clubs and engaged members in order to do more good. It is our responsibility – yours and mine – to make sure everyone who shows an interest in joining Rotary gets an invitation. Make use of the Membership Leads tool at Rotary.org, which helps people who are interested in joining Rotary connect with a club that’s right for them. And let’s ensure that every member has a reason to stay. By building strong clubs that engage in meaningful projects and have fun along the way, we provide value to our club members that they cannot find anywhere else.”


As Fernando Pessoa said, “The way is made by walking along it”. Let’s walk then with enthusiasm! Be the Inspiration!


Dear Fellow, Citizen, Friend: we count on you to broaden our ambition and your help is fundamental for the success of all of us!


My Blessings for being part of this Community!


Rotary Greetings,

António Martins-Ferreira

President Rotary Club Santarém